SGU Pre-Registration Survey (Summer '23 Semester)
We're excited that you'll be taking classes with SGU for the Summer 2023 Semester (June Session and/or July Session)! Congratulations on the decision to continue your education.

You picked a great semester to take classes. It will most likely be our last semester with the full scholarship for tuition, books and fees as well as the internet stipend.

Please complete the following 10-minute survey so we know how to best help you get registered.

Thank you!
SGU Administration
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Only returning students (those who have taken at least one class in the past at SGU) will be eligible to sign up for summer classes. If you are a brand-new student to SGU, you will wait until the fall to take classes.

1) Fill out this survey. 

2) Make sure to write down HOW and WHEN you are choosing to register. You will receive a copy of your survey response in your email.

3) UPDATE: Phone registration option is now closed. Please come register in-person.

4) Registration will close on Tuesday, May 30 at noon.

How is SGU supporting students this semester?
FULL SCHOLARSHIP covering your tuition, books, and fees!

INTERNET REIMBURSEMENT STIPEND of $100 will be sent to all students enrolled in the June or July session ($200 if you are enrolled in both) at the end of June. 

VARIETY OF CLASSES to accommodate your schedule and preferences, including in-person, online, and blended classes. 

FREE LAPTOP for new SGU students or students who have never received one before from us.

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Note: We're sorry to ask you multiple times for your's the only way to make sure we have all your best contact info. Thank you!
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What department are you in? (What degree are you going for or interested in? This will help us put you in contact with the correct advisor.) (FYI, did you know that SGU's Lakota Studies Department is offering degrees again?! You can work towards your certificate or AA right now! If you're interested, choose "Lakota Studies" for your degree.) *
Are you an enrolled member of any tribe? *
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How to Register for Summer Classes
This semester, all students that reside ON the Rosebud Reservation or nearby area will register IN-PERSON. You can pick your preferred date below.

Students that reside OFF of the reservation or out of the local area have the option to choose PHONE REGISTRATION. You can choose your time below.
LOCAL STUDENTS: Pick a day that you anticipate coming in to register. You will come to the Student Services Building on the Antelope Campus. Plan 30min-45min to complete the registration process. 

(Students that live outside of the local area have the option to skip to the next question if they prefer to register over the phone)

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The distance registration option is now closed
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Have you already received a laptop from SGU in the past when signing up for classes? *
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I understand that someone from the Registrar's office may need additional paperwork from me and may email me in the next few weeks. I will check my email regularly and respond if necessary.

I will send necessary documents to and
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please check the email addresses you provided here in case we need any additional information from you. If you don't hear from us, assume that you are good to go! We look forward to working with you!

Registration for the Summer Semester will close Friday, May 26 at 12pm. 

For additional questions, please call Deane at the Admissions Office at 605-856-8256.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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