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The Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry require feedback from our stakeholders i.e. Alumni Members, Employers, parents , students and staff, to gauge whether the B-Tech (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering) programme offered by our department is sufficient in preparing the students to be a competent engineer for professional life after their graduation.

The objectives of the survey are:

(i) To collect the suggestions for reviewing the vision and mission of the department

(ii) To gather information on the importance of the Program Educational Outcomes (PEO) and program Outcomes (PO) statements

(iii) To gauge our graduates’ accomplishments after graduation (PEO) and also to measure their attributes after completing the programme (PO)

We are grateful if you could spare some time to complete this survey.

Vision & Mission: http://www.eiecouncil.com/vision--mission.html

PEO, PO & PSO's: http://www.eiecouncil.com/peos-pos--pspo.html
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