SRS Mentor Sign Up Form 2019 - 20
Thank you for your interest in mentoring a BVSD student enrolled in our Science Research Seminar (SRS) Program. SRS provides life changing experiences for high school students interested in science. Your participation and support is what makes this program sustainable. Thank you in advance for opening up your labs to the next generation of scientists. I hope you find it a rewarding experience. We will let students know that you are available to mentor them. Depending on student interest, which changes year to year, you may or may not be contacted by someone.
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This is an open house style event where mentors and students can meet in person to find a good fit. It usually takes place in conjunction with the Center for STEM Learning's Annual Symposium on STEM Education in the Glenn Miller Ballroom.
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Students can work individually or in teams of up to 3 people.
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