So you got out of the industry. Good job! Now what?
What state and county do you currently reside in?
Have you ever been a resident of any of the following California counties?
Have you ever worked or grown marijuana in any of the following California counties?
Why did you leave the medical or black-market marijuana industry?
How many years did you work in the marijuana industry?
What year did you start?
How many months or years has it been since the last time you earned money by working in the marijuana industry?
Describe your job options after leaving the marijuana industry?
What level of formal education have you completed?
Do you speak any other languages? Please list them below.
Do you have any professional certifications that help you secure employment?
Are you currently employed at a waged, tax paying job? If so, what kind?
If yes, how many months did you look for work before being hired at your current job?
Are you currently self employed? If so, how do you make your money?
Have you been able to find work in the legal, regulated marijuana markets of Washington, Colorado, Oregon or Washington, DC?
What was your annual estimated income, after any business expenses, when you were in the marijuana industry?
What is your estimated annual income now?
Is English your first language?
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