Input needed on the latest proposal

PT Faculty:
We are getting near the end of negotiations. We write to ask, again, for your feedback on Multi-Year Contracts (MYCs). Your response to this quick (no more than 5 minute) survey will help us advocate more effectively for you at the negotiating table. Thank you!

Here is the Administration's latest counterproposal for MYCs (more detail in the negotiations update sent out by Ed DeGrauw early last week).

300 renewable MYCs; 100/year for three years starting Fall 2016
Guarantee of 1.5 FTE to assure eligibility for health insurance
The majority of these positions will be in the larger lower-division collegiate departments
MYC faculty are required to hold 2 office hours per week
Eligibility: Current PCC part-time faculty with one year’s PCC experience and a completed assessment
Selection process includes faculty involvement including a content expert (following current temporary appointment procedure, Article 3.64 in our contract)
Assignment rights will be eliminated in the departments which have MYCs

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    the number of positions created
    loss of assignment rights in the departments with MYCs
    lack of seniority in determining eligibility
    selection process
    office hour requirement
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