WFTDA Stats Use Survey
The WFTDA Technical Projects Committee, the committee responsible for the development of the StatsBook and other projects, would like to gather information from teams and coaches about whether/if stats are gathered at the benches during games, the method of collection, and how stats are used both and after gameplay. This will help inform a number of decisions, including how and whether information that is most important to teams during and after gameplay can be surfaced and will also inform the direction of the WFTDA Technical Projects committee.
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WFTDA Statsbook Usage
How often do you review a StatsBook after it has been submitted to the WFTDA?
Every game
How understandable are the stats in the WFTDA StatsBook?
Very Difficult to Understand
Very Easy to Understand
How often do you use game statistics provided by the StatsBook?
Points Per Jam
Points Per Jammer
Points Plus/Minus for Blockers
Points Plus/Minus for Jammers
Jammer Lead Percentage
VTAR (For or Against)
Skater Total Penalty Counts
Skater Penalty Type Counts
Describe how do you use/interpret/incorporate WFTDA StatsBook stats?
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Anything else you'd like to say about stats provided by the StatsBook?
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Bench Stats Gathering and Usage
How many bench staff does your team regularly use for sanctioned games?
What stats (if any) do you or other bench coaches track during the game?
Are there any other statistics your team regularly tracks during gameplay that are not tracked or provided by officials?
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Other Technology Use
This section asks about other kinds of stats-related technology for use in game or after a game
Which (if any) electronic tools does your team use on the bench to gather stats/insights?
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Does your league provide real-time digital stats during gameplay? (Example: digital display of penalty counts)
Do you have any other comments about your team's use of stats, the WFTDA statsbook, or anything else stats related that you'd like to provide to the WFTDA stats committee?
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