Dramatically speed up your Tableau visualizations with EXASOL
If you are using Tableau’s great BI, reporting and visualization software to see and understand your data, but are struggling with performance or just want to overcome the limitations of Tableau Data Extracts (TDE), then you need Tableau Turbo Enterprise by EXASOL. Using EXASOL as the analytic database engine to power your Tableau server and client means that you will be able to accelerate your reporting and visualizations dramatically by boosting your Tableau performance.

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The plug-and-play turbo for Tableau
Powered by EXASOL’s in-memory, analytic database engine, Tableau Turbo Enterprise is the most powerful engine to bring your data to life - fast. Combining the enormous processing power of EXASOL and Tableau’s ad hoc visual data discovery puts the power of real-time big data in the hands of every user.
Tableau Turbo Enterprise by EXASOL – big data visualization in real time
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