Climbing Gym Program Request
Thank you for your interest in the Boise State Climbing Gym! This is the first step to creating a program in the climbing gym for your group. We specialize in creating group experiences and have many talented staff to help you meet your outcomes. Once you have filled out the form below, the Climbing Gym Manager for the Outdoor Program will be in touch with you within 48 hours.

Program Fees:
Student Club/Organization base fee: $70 for 2 hour minimum
$30/hour each additional hour
University Department base fee: $90 for 2 hour minimum
$45/hour each additional hour
Boise Community base fee: $120 for 2 hour minimum
$60/hour each additional hour

All groups: $10/person additionally
**Price includes all equipment, instruction, and 2 staff.**
**Additional Staff: Each additional staff needed adds $30 to total program cost. Basic Skills Program has a maximum of 1 instructor to 6 participants ratio and Climb Time Program is 1 instructor to 5 participants.**

Example: Student Club of 15 wanting a Climb Time Program for 3 hours will be...
$70 base fee + $30 extra hour + ($10 x 10 persons)+ $30 (1 additional staff)
=$230 total

Programs Available
1. Basic Skills Program
Bring your group down to learn the basics of climbing! Here we can teach you various climbing skills. Basic climbing skills include: putting on the harness, tying a figure-8 follow through, belay, and more. We can also use this program as a team building exercise.

2. Climb Time Program
Does your group want to have fun and try something new together? Here we take care of everything for you. We'll belay your climbers and help them climb high. We want to make sure your group has a great time.

**If you have a program idea that is not listed here, please submit the form with as much detail as possible. We will contact you to see if we can accommodate your program. **

Program Availability
No Sunday availability
**All other day/times requests are available for consideration.**

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