Christmas Party 2017
***什麼!!! 什麼!!!***

The Christmas Party will be held in Three Lions Inn, Yuanshan. on 12/23/2017
A full Christmas Dinner will be provided and vouchers for drinks which can be redeemed for:

A bottle of Tawan Beer 一瓶台啤
Whiskey and Coke 威士忌加可樂
Red Wine 紅酒
White Wine 白酒
Gin and Tonic 琴酒加托尼水
Vodka and misery 悲慘伏特加 (這啥???)
or a compliment from your GM 或GM給你一句美言 啾咪~~

We are negotiating for discounted entry to Triangle for the on after.


Three Lions Inn, Yuanshan. In the Maji area, all sheltered and good stuff like that.
Google Map:
好啦~~ 給你們估狗地圖

***何時??? 何時???***

12/23/2017 Saturday 8.30pm
2017年12月23日 周六 晚上8:30


Please follow 3 steps shown below:
1. Fill in sign up form
2. Take MRT to Yuanshan station
3. Follow Flour and chalk to party!

1. 完成以下的報名表單
2. 搭紅線捷運抵達圓山站
3. 跟著麵粉和粉筆抵達聖誕趴會場

*** COST ***
*** 花費 花費 ***

This year Hash Cash will be subsidizing the Xmas Party NOT completely paying for it.
If you would prefer not to pay you are more than welcome to not join.
由於已經山窮水盡,今年聖誕趴China Hash的金庫只能幫大家出一部分金額

10+ Runs, have hared, or being committee - $250NT
Less than 10 runs - $500NT
跑次達10次以上, 當過兔子, 或是幹部的一員 參加費為250元台幣
跑次未達10次 參加費用為500元台幣

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