SWOAPG Covid Recovery Survey July 2020
SWOAPG is considering how best it might support its Members as they start returning to activities following lock-down. Please complete this brief survey by 26 July to help us understand your intentions and how we might help.
Activity Timescale *
When are you expecting or intending to begin delivery of any of the following activities?
We've already re-started
In the next 2 weeks (by 14 Aug)
In the next month (by end Aug)
In the autumn (by end Oct)
This winter (by end Mar)
Next season (from April 2021)
Not at all / not applicable
Gorge-walking / canyoning
Crossing Borders *
Where do you normally deliver activities?
Where do your clients normally come from?
Activity Guidance *
How confident are you that you understand all the guidance that you need to follow to safely re-start activity provision (from Government, NGBs, WATO, etc.)?
Your Experience *
If you've already begun delivery - or are almost ready - would you be willing to share with other SWOAPG Members your experience, e.g. how you've interpreted the guidance; developed risk assessments and operating procedures; and implemented these ''on-the-ground'?
Support from SWOAPG *
How useful would it be to you if SWOAPG could offer any of the following?
Not useful / not needed
Quite useful
Very useful
A written 'guide to the guidance' to make it easier to find and understand it all
A webinar to help Members find their way through the maze of guidance
Interactive online workshop(s) to share experiences between Members
Specific guidance for working at local venues where gatherings may exceed 30 e.g. Dinas, Mellte, Porth, Glasbury
An information or booking system to help share and manage numbers at popular venues
Other Comments
Please add any other comments or suggestions to expand on your responses above
Your Business / Organisation *
Please use your own name if you don't have a separate business / organisation name
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