Free Personality Assessment For Health, Fitness, and/or Sport Professionals. (Win Up To $15,000 in Prizes For Completing Yours).
In partnership with Dr. John Berardi, Change Maker Academy, and Precision Nutrition, we (at Caliper Canada) are gathering (and sharing) important insights about those who work in health, fitness, and/or sport.

Our goal is two-fold:

1) To learn more about the unique talent characteristics of health, fitness, and/or sport professionals.
2) To share those important insights with you.

The process is straightforward and will take about 1 hour to complete.

Begin with the quick survey below, which will help us learn more about you and your role(s) in the health, fitness, and/or sport industries. Once this is complete, you’ll be taken to the full Caliper assessment, which is a rigorous set of questions about how you work.

You will receive a report about 5 business days after completion of the assessment, with a detailed breakdown of your personality insights.

The typical cost of the Caliper assessment is $700. But, because you’re a member of Dr. Berardi’s community, you get access to this discovery exercise totally free.

Once you’ve completed the assessment you’ll also be entered into our contest to win a spot in one of the following programs (winner’s choice): Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification, Precision Nutrition Coaching. PLUS one of the following (winner’s choice): A copy of Dr. Berardi’s book, Change Maker or Precision Nutrition apparel (up to $75 value). PLUS a spot in Change Maker Academy's Career Blueprint course. That’s over $15,000 in prizes up for grabs, all for completing the assessment.

We require your email address so we can follow up with more information about your report.
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