2018 CALWOF Scholarship Letter of Recommendation Submission
Congratulations! You are a respected and valued teacher, community leader, co-worker, mentor, friend or family member of a student who has applied to the California Wildlife Officers Foundation for a scholarship grant. As a result, you have been asked to submit a Letter of Recommendation for a student.

To be completed by the Recommender (or immediate supervisor for Wildlife Officer applicants)

1. What do you like best about the applicant? In what ways has the applicant made a positive impact in your school, the community, workplace or personally?
2. In your opinion, is there anything else the Grants Committee should know about this applicant (e.g., personal circumstances, unusual accomplishments, obstacles overcome, etc.)?
3. In describing this applicant, what adjectives immediately come to mind?
4. Please provide any other comments about this applicant that you would like the Grants Committee to consider.
5. Please limit to 500 words or less.

Please send a note to shane@calwof.org if you have any questions.


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