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This page contains information on the short course offerings for 2018 of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEBs) of the College of Public Health (CPH). This site will also be updated according to the courses opened for registration. Check them out below.

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Meta-analysis for Health Research; April 23-25, 2019
Meta-analysis is defined as the systematic summarization of studies with similar outcomes or endpoints. Since the 1970s, there has been increasing application of meta-analysis in health research, alongside developments in its statistical methodology. At present, high-quality systematic reviews and meta-analyses remain the gold standard in providing evidence on the efficacy or effectiveness of interventions in clinical medicine and public health.

This course is intended for researchers who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to independently carry out a meta-analysis. While not necessarily the focus of this short course, critical steps in systematic review – the pre-requisite to a successful meta-analysis – will also be covered in the course, albeit not extensively.

At the end of the short course, participants should be able to:
1. Specify the scope of a systematic review and meta-analysis in terms of the following parameters: (a) population, (b) intervention, (c) comparator, (d) outcome or endpoints, and (e) study design;
2. Search for studies for possible inclusion in a meta-analysis using systematic techniques;
3. Retrieve and appraise study information to allow for the screening of studies;
4. Conduct risk of bias (RoB) assessment of screened studies using an RoB tool;
5. Extract and convert, if necessary, numerical data from screened studies for meta-analysis;
6. Perform meta-analysis using the Reference Manager (RevMan) software;
7. Assess for the presence of publication bias in a completed meta-analysis;
8. Discuss basic principles in sensitivity and sub-group analyses;
9. Discuss elements in a systematic review and meta-analysis report

Information on short course offerings
Lectures, workshop, and plenary sessions will be facilitated by resource persons from the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEBs) of the College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila.​ The Certificate of Training for completion of the course will be awarded to the participants who have attended at least 80% of the sessions, including lecture, workshop, plenary sessions, and presentation of capsule proposal, wherever applicable. Participants who fail to comply with the attendance requirement will only be given a Certificate of Attendance.

The Course Materials will be made accessible online through a shared Google Drive folder. Access to this folder is restricted to those who have completed registration and payment only. Google accounts are required for better access to the materials. Printed copies of session handouts will not be provided. In this regard, participants should bring their laptop/Mac computers for the duration of the short courses.

Payment should be completed prior to the start of the event. You will be asked to present proof of your payment (either a deposit slip or receipt for cash payment). The department reserves the right to cancel the course or to refuse walk-ins when slots are no longer available. There will be no refunds for participants who already paid but failed to attend the course. For inquiries and to send your payment details, contact us at the details provided, which will also be sent to your email along with your registration information. Thank you. Hope to see you soon!

• Registration Fee for the 3-day course: ₱8,500
• Deadline for Registration is on April 5, 2019
• Maximum of 40 Participants only
• Registration Fee includes online access to lecture materials, training kit, lunch, AM and PM snacks, and certificates
• Participants should bring their own laptops and notebooks/pens
• Cash payments are accepted but should be settled before the deadline of registration to Mrs. Analiza Salazar at Room 209 Mezzanine, Lara Hall, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines Manila
• For Cheques and Bank Deposits, deposit at BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) without additional charges:
Account Name: UP-CPH Foundation, Inc.,
Account №: 3061 0738 67, BPI Taft Avenue Branch
• Upload a copy of the deposit slip/receipt at the form below.

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