Are weak cognitive skills making life harder than it needs to be?
This free survey is based on observations of behavior, so you can take it for yourself, for your child, or for anyone you know well. Rate the following behaviors by how often you think they occur, compared to how often you think they occur for other people of the same age and gender. Don’t overthink, just answer with your first, instinctive response.
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Compared to others of the same age and gender, this behavior occurs: *
Less often
About the same
Slightly more
Considerably more
Significantly more
Has difficulty maintaining attention
Takes a long time to complete tasks
Poor reading comprehension
Often asks to have things repeated
Poor sense of direction/map reading skills
Has difficulty understanding stories or jokes
Has difficulty organizing activities
Generally does things slowly
Makes spelling errors in written assignments
Has difficulty recalling stories and jokes
Jigsaw puzzles are difficult or avoided
Thoughts and materials are poorly organized
Avoids prolonged mental effort
Is often one of the last to complete tests
Has difficulty sounding out unknown words
Gets poor test results when being tested for facts
Misreads similar words
Poor at or avoids games like chess and checkers
Is impulsive
Writing assignments take too long
Has difficulty reading or spelling phonetically
Needs to restudy or reread materials
Lacks creativity or imagination in writing
Has difficulty planning steps to solve problems
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