WickerMan 2018 Theme Camp Registration
Set-up days: Tuesday, June 19th and Wednesday, June 20th. No Monday arrivals, please!
Event days: Thursday, June 21 to Sunday, June 24, 2018

Venue: Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary
Venue address: 190 Walker Lane, Artemas, PA 17211
Venue phone number: 814-784-3080

*We strongly recommend that you bring a sign to clearly identify your theme camp. People get lost up in these woods! Please help us promote self-reliance and civic responsibility!

*We will do our best to accommodate your wants/needs/requests, but please be understanding in the fact that we are remotely planning this event with members across several states on the Interwebz. Thank you!

*ONCE THIS FORM IS SUBMITTED, IT CANNOT BE EDITED IN THE FUTURE, so please submit with care. For any future changes, please email them to the Theme Camp Coordinator: theme@wickermanburn.org

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Theme Camp Name: *
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Has your theme camp been to WickerMan before? *
How many members are in your camp? *
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Are you registering as a sound camp (more than iPods and acoustic guitars)? *
If no sound, type "N/A". If yes to sound camps, please describe what types of sound you plan on having and any other information we should know about it. Note: First turn-down: 10 p.m., 2nd turn-down: Midnight (pull the subs and turn down the rest). Be respectable with regards to late-night decibels. This rule will be enforced! *
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Are you a fire-play-art camp (more than tiki torches and campfires)? *
If no fire, type "N/A". If yes to fire-play-art, please tell us your plans, as well as your camp's fire safety practices and protocol. Also, please refer to Fire Safety rules at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xSvzVLiryWMc3wIKyfvNjy4aQMbKm4JqlDn9Fi_MC88/edit?usp=sharing : *
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Any handicapped members in your camp? *
How much space do you estimate your camp will need? *
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Approximately how many total tents will be in your camp? Include personal, kitchen, theme camp-related, etc. If required, give us any pertinent details that will help us plan. *
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Any other special needs or requests? *
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What day will your camp start to arrive? (Note: NO Monday arrivals, please!) *
Any medical professionals or emergency responders with professional CPR/medical training camping in your camp? If so, please give us all the details, including contact info! If no, type "N/A", please. *
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Is your camp interested in pre-registering for volunteer positions as a theme camp before we open up the volunteer schedule to the rest of the Wickerfam? (This is not a done deal yet, just putting feelers out). *
Are you trying to bring any vehicles as part of your theme camp? Note: WickerMan is NOT a car-camping event. Rule is: load in, load out. Any further requests are decided on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the land needs at 4QF and are not guaranteed: *
Theme Camp Description for website/DeProgramme (Note: Theme Camp Event Registration for WickerMan 2018 will be on a SEPARATE online form this year! This form will be emailed to TCOs in the registration confirmation email from the Theme Camps Coordinator): *
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Do you have any final questions or loving words for the Theme Camps Coordinator?
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