GSSA Financial Statement
You've made it to the end of the school year!
Now it's time to fulfill your financial responsibility to the Council and to the troop parents
by furnishing this annual Financial Statement.
Service Units are also required to submit the annual GSSA Financial Statement.
DUE no later than JUNE 18

Before you begin, you'll need to gather this information so you can fill in the blanks below:
- Ending balance from last May/June (if you were a returning troop this year.)
- SNAP Troop Balance Summary
- Nut-E final report
- your Troop Finance Excel Spreadsheet for current year
- Bank statement showing transactions through the end of May

If you get interrupted and need to come back later to finish the Statement,
just click "submit" at the bottom of the third page and copy the directions that appear in the confirmation.

Service Unit #
(three digits)
Your answer
Troop #
(four digits)
Your answer
List all members of the Leadership Team
(minimum two)
Your answer
Your position with the team
Your email address
(the one you check regularly)
Your answer
Which team member usually carries the debit card, checkbook, or makes the most purchases for the troop?
Your answer
Which team member verifies the bank statement each month, matching the receipts/deposit slips and updating the Troop Finance Excel Spreadsheet?
As you know, this person must be unrelated to the one making the purchases or deposits (listed in the box above.).
Your answer
Did ALL of the troop's profit (product sales, dues, donations) get deposited to the troop account?
Your answer
IF you have maintained the GSSA TROOP FINANCE EXCEL SPREADSHEET to track troop income and expenses, you can stop here and send a copy of the spreadsheet to
(Please click the SUBMIT button at bottom of page 3.)

If you DIDN'T keep your Excel spreadsheet?

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