2019 IWTS Conference Presentation Proposal
Simply fill out the form for your proposed conference presentation for the 2019 International Women's Trail Summit.
○ Presenters must have:
• Dedicated, robust internet connection
• All hardware required for excellent online presenting [microphone, camera]
• Attend all online training opportunities provided by the International Women's Trail Summit management team.
• Have a strong desire to provide quality educational content to help "Get Women Outside"!
○ Please consider also offering free content downloads with your session as well
○ You will be provided a discount code for your friends, colleagues, and anyone else that would like to join the Summit.
○ All presentations must be in English

Thank you! #hitthetrail #GetWomenOutside

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Acknowledgement: I will provide my handouts and/or Slidshow presentation a minimum of two weeks prior to the IWT Summit.
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ARTICLE FOR PUBLICATION: Presenters may write an article on the presentation subject for publication in our blog and on social media. In addition, we may accept additional articles for future publication.
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