Petition for the Public Release of CUPD Data and Use of Force Policy
#DoBetterCornell applies to every facet of the University, including its Police Department. It has been almost a week since a request for data from the Department was made, and they have failed to indicate whether they are declining this request, if this data does not exist, or if they will turn it over to interested parties. It has taken more than a month for Cornell University counsel to state that they will provide details of Cornell University Police Department's protocols "in the near future." The President stated that CUPD is "committed to anti-racist policing" while simultaneously stating that she "recognize[d] the effect that repeated examples of police violence in our nation have on our communities of color." If this were true, she and others who believe CUPD's practices and lack of transparency can remain as they are would recognize that anti-racist policing is oxymoronic; policing is an inherently racist practice and institution. Join us in demanding that the "good cops" who "serve" the Cornell community fess up about their protocols, particularly by publicly releasing their
use of force policy, as well as publicly release any and all data delineated by race, especially regarding offenses committed or calls responded to by CUPD.
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