JM Athletic Survey
What sport did your student-athlete participate in?
At what level did your student-athlete participate this season?
What grade level is your student-athlete?
My student-athlete's overall experience in the sport was positive.
As a parent/guardian I attended the preseason Parent, Athlete, Coach (P.A.C.) meeting with my student-athlete.
At the P.A.C. meeting, the Activities Director or designee explained the expectations of the MSHSL, Activities Department and Rochester Public Schools.
At the P.A.C meeting, the head coach explained the team guidelines/rules and expecations.
The activities website was useful and contained accurate information pertaining to my student-athlete's team.
During the season, the coach maintained the team page with accurate and current information.
The coach valued the importance of academics.
Our coach is committed to building character, integrity and honesty among the student-athletes.
Our coach supports the core values of Rochester Public School and the bylaws of the MSHSL.
Our student-athlete felt the coach was accessible and approachable.
The coach communicated effectively to all stakeholders.
The coach used positive reinforcement.
The coach encouraged student-athletes to do their best.
The coach was an effective listener.
The coach made the sport fun for my student-athlete.
Our coach treated players with respect.
Our coach treated officials with respect.
Our coach maintained effective individual and team discipline at practices and during events.
Our athletic trainer was accessible, knowledgable and helped my student-athlete return to play in a timely manner.
Our strength and conditioning coach was accessible, knowledgable and the workouts were beneficial.
I believe my student-athlete will participate in this sport again.
Any additional comments about our program.
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