Aragon App Development Survey
We are gathering data on your challenges with developing Aragon apps and whether the current architecture has limitations with respect to the original vision of your apps.
Background Information
Describe the Aragon apps you have developed or that you plan on developing
1a) At a high level, have you run into any limitations around the 1:1 coupling between an app and a contract, where each app can only have one contract? *
1b) Elaborate on your answer...
2a) Have you run into issues pulling information from an external contract into your app? *
2b) Elaborate on your answer...
3a) Do you see the strong 1:1 coupling between a single contract and application as a security feature or limitation? *
3b) Elaborate on your answer...
4a) Have you run into limitations around the current functionality provided by forwarders? *
4b) Elaborate on your answer...
5a) Would the changes suggested in the forum post below resolve limitations you've encountered with forwarders or ease your development experience? *
5b) Elaborate on your answer...
6) What is the single most important aspect of the architecture (whether it's covered above, or something else) that you think should be enhanced? *
7) Any other comments?
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