Application for 1:1 Coaching with Meg McCabe

Congratulations on finding yourself here, friend.

Deciding to heal your relationship with food and your body/ reaching out to professional help to support your recovery journey is a big step. I'm so happy you're taking this leap towards the life you want!!

As a coach, I pour my heart into the work I do with my clients. Their healing is something I am profoundly committed to, and I ask my 1:1 clients to be equally committed and ready to do the recovery work.

To embark on your recovery journey with me as your guide, please take a few minutes to fill out this private coaching application. I'd love to hear all about you to help determine if we will be a good match.

After you apply, I will review your application and reach out to you personally within 1 week. After that, we will set up a free coaching consultation via Zoom to further discuss working together.

I am SO looking forward to hearing from you, and I hope this is the beginning of something really special.


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