Registration for 2020 Winter Semi-Annual Training
Due to the continued spread of COVID-19 and the likelihood that various government mandates regulating and restricting public gatherings will be extended, Living Stream Ministry has decided that the December 2020 Semiannual Training will not be held corporately as a live training in Anaheim, CA. Instead, the churches will be able to participate in the December 2020 Semiannual Training by video training only. The registration deadline is December 7th.
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If you answered "YES" to sharing a seat, please list name here. IMPORTANT: THOSE SHARING A SEAT BOTH NEED TO REGISTER
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The registration donation for the training is $125 per person. If paying by Venmo or Paypal with a credit card, a transfer fee of $3.00 should be submitted with your payment. If paying by Venmo or Paypal as a cash transfer from your bank account, then no fee is required. VERY IMPORTANT: FOR ALL ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS, PLEASE INCLUDE "WINTER TRAINING" IN THE MEMO LINE.
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If submitting by cash or check, please enter the name of the serving saint who received your donation. If electronic payment was made, please select electronic payment.
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