Kindergarten Teacher Checklist
Kindergarten is an exciting time of exploration and discovery, it is the place where formal education begins. Your child will learn many of the skills he/she will need to be successful throughout his/her education. Young children tend to grow and mature at different rates; therefore, it can be difficult to determine school readiness. You are your child’s first teacher and I value your insights and observations tremendously. Please take a few minutes to complete this checklist - it is a general guideline to help measure strengths and weaknesses. Remember that young children can change quickly; what they are unable to do today, they may very well accomplish in just a few weeks time. It may be a good idea to keep a copy of this form so that you can see any progress your child makes between now and September.

Please read the statements below - choose yes, sometimes or not yet. Remember, this questionnaire is to help me get to know your child and work more specifically on his/her readiness level. Your answers should reflect what you observe in your child to date. Thank you so much for your time. I am looking forward to a wonderful year in kindergarten!

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Parent's first and last names *
Child's legal name *
Child's preferred name (to be called) *
Did your child attend preschool - if so, how many years? *
Separates from parent easily *
Listens to stories without interrupting *
Follows along with adult-directed tasks for a short period of time *
Follows 2 or 3 step directions after being told once *
Speaks clearly so that others (nonfamily) can understand *
Talks in complete sentences of 5 or 6 words *
Recognizes rhymes *
Grips a pencil/crayon correctly (tripod grip) *
Uses scissors and glue correctly *
Is able to trace/identify/name basic shapes *
Can sort and classify objects *
Can put together simple puzzles *
Is able to tell a story after looking at a picture *
Recognizes groups of objects with 1 to 5 objects *
Counts to 10 *
Counts to 20 *
Identifies numbers 1-10 *
Identifies most letters of the alphabet *
Writes name legibly (using upper or lowercase letters) *
Can repeat name, address and phone number *
Understands that actions have causes and effects *
Is beginning to follow rules *
Is able to recognize authority *
Is beginning to control him/herself *
Is able to share and take turns with peers *
Plays well with others *
Handles small peer group interactions without the need for continual supervision *
Completes tasks independently *
Uses words to express feelings rather than being physical *
Manages bathroom needs independently *
Can dress him/herself (including snaps, buttons and zippers) *
Cleans up after him/herself *
Practices good manners *
My child is *
Please include any further notes, concerns or comments you would like to share about your child *
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