Kids Flex League, Summer 2021
$30 to play matches all summer! A tennis league on your schedule. We will group you into a “flight” with 6 to 9 other players of similar ability. You contact each of the people in your flight and schedule a match at a time and place that is convenient for both of you. Report the scores to us. We post the standings online. Get all your matches in by the end of August. Awards for champ and runner up in each flight are given out at the end of the summer. $30 to play all summer! Questions below will help us put your child in the right division.
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I hereby certify that the above named player has my approval to participate in activities conducted by First Serve LLC for this year and subsequent years, unless I give written notice to the contrary. I understand and agree that the First Serve LLC and its employees and agents assume no responsibility of liability for any accident or injury as a result of any aspect of participation in activities. I understand and acknowledge that participation in activities creates the potential for receiving an injury. With the knowledge of this potential risk of injury, I am giving the above named child permission to participate and accept full responsibility for this decision. I am the parent or guardian of the child. In the event of an injury, permission is hereby granted to First Serve LLC representatives to render, secure, and/or authorize necessary medical treatment without further authorization from me. I understand that medical expenses for injuries will not be paid by First Serve LLC . *
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$30 Send Venmo to Mail check to First Serve, 348 Ridgemont, Grosse Pointe Farms, MI, 48236-3134 Reminder, children must have gym shoes to participate!!!
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Reminder, children must have gym shoes to participate!!! Thanks, and Contact Us With Any Questions at all. 313-670-3277
Here's a big sack of Thanks You's!
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