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Please feel out this document in order for Just Sayin' Ops to email you to set up a free consultation prior to starting Retainer OBM Services.
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1. Do you have the mission, vision and values clearly outlined in your business? If so, please attach the statement(s) - either written or a link to a Google document. *
2. Are you currently working with a mentor and/or coach? If so, please provide their name and a link to their website. *
3. Who do you currently have on your team? *
4. Who owns your marketing? (aka. Are you doing this piece solely or do you have a dedicated team member who focuses on all of your marketing?) *
5. What are the goals for your business (30-60-90 days)? *
6. Where are you financially? *
7. What's one thing we should know about you and how you work within your business? *
8. What do you feel you are missing in your business right now? (aka. systems, team member(s), organization, time, etc.). *
9. Why is NOW the right time to hire an OBM/DOO? *
10. What do you hope to accomplish by having the right team, systems and organization in place for your business? *
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