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Gia Nuzzi - Cruise Vacation Specialist/Advisor
Grand Cruise Vacations LLC
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For Women - Are you pregnant? Please know, Pregnant women are only allowed to sail if pregnant for less than 24 completed weeks at the time of the cruise disembarkation. All pregnant women are Required to produce a physician's letter stating the mother and baby are in good health, fit to travel and the pregnancy is not high-risk. *
Do you have any Allergies (Food or Other), Health issues, or Health Restrictions that the cruise line should be made aware of? *
If, you answered YES to the above Health question please List here all allergies, Health issues, or Health/Physical Restrictions that the cruise line should be made aware of.
Will you purchase either the Cruise line Travel Protection or a recommended outside vendor Travel Protection? (This is HIGHLY recommended to protect you and your vacation investment.) *
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