The Option God #Mentorship2021
Welcome to The Option God Mentorship Program. The main objective of this program is to transform your decision-making process in trading and in life. Successful traders are good decision makers; hence, it is the key ingredient between success and failure. One cannot and should not measure success with money; the goal should be to become financially independent, which is what this program is designed to achieve.

As noted, the quality of decisions is a key catalyst towards being profitable in trading, however, it is not the only ingredient. The road towards becoming a god requires other key elements such as position sizing ingenuity, risk management expertise, basic knowledge of a particular asset class, proficiency in advanced strategies and most importantly the aptitude to bind the knowledge into a trading plan.

On your journey from being a mortal to a god you must commit a large part of your time and effort over the next few months. Your mentors will pave a way and guide you in the journey. Think of this journey as a pilgrimage towards nirvana. A journey towards financial freedom, attaining the life you deserve.

If you are reading this then you already have started this journey. Leave your experiences behind and come with an open mind. Let the mentors shape your thoughts and prepare you for this odyssey of epic proportions. Interact with the mentors, who will create a customized curriculum catering to your needs based on risk aversion and trading style.

Your mentors Rajat Dutta and Gunjan Dua will then interview you face to face via Zoom and assess the level of training, which will be required to transform you into a successful trader.
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