2023 Athlete History Questionnaire
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Have you played any coached sports? Please elaborate. *
Have you had a triathlon coach before? If yes, please elaborate the reason the relationship ended. *
Please list below any triathlon race(s) you have done and if possible, include your finishing time. *
How often do you swim and for how long each time? *
Do you own a wetsuit and an open water swim buoy? *
Are you comfortable with open water swimming? If not, please explain your challenges. *
Do you own a triathlon watch? If yes, which one do you have? *
Do you own a bike? If so, which type? *
Are you comfortable clipping in and out of your bike? *
Do you own a smart trainer? i.e. Wahoo Kickr *
Are you comfortable in the aero position? *
How often do you ride? How long are each session for both indoor and outdoor rides? *
How often do you run? For how long? *
Do you own a treadmill or have access to one? *
Do you own any form of strength training equipment or have access to some? Please list them. *
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