Opportunity Washington 2019 Legislative Survey
1. For the 2019 Washington state legislative session, what issues are you watching most closely? (Check all that apply)
2. What is your first reaction to Gov. Inslee's proposed $54.6 billion budget and dual tax increases?
The 105-day odd-year legislative session is often called the "budget session," because the major legislative responsibility is drafting the two-year state budget. Last month, Gov. Jay Inslee introduced his preferred budget. His proposed $54.6 billion budget represents a 22.3 percent increase in spending from current levels. To fund the increased spending, the governor proposes several tax increases, including a 9 percent capital gains tax and a 67 percent increase in the B&O tax rate on service businesses (from 1.5 percent to 2.5 percent).
3. How would you describe the current state of Washington's economy?
4. Where do you see the state economy heading in 2019?
5. How closely do you follow the Legislature and state politics?
Not much at all
Very closely
6. In what part of the state do you live?
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