Parent DL Survey
We would like to learn more about your internet connection and available hardware to support distance learning. Thank you for your participation.
What is your students grade level: *
What type of internet do you have at home? *
Do you have a limited amount of data allowed for your internet access? *
Are other adults in the household currently working at home and using internet? *
How well does your current internet connection support homework activities for your children? *
In the event your child's school issued Chromebook needed repair, would there be another computer they could use during the online school day?
How confident are you in your child's or children's ability to work independently in a distance learning program? *
Is there somewhere else that your child(ren) could go to safely get regular access to the internet? *
How comfortable would you be picking up books, supplies or equipment for your children to use at home for distance learning or independent study?
My distance learning preference for future assignments is:
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