St John Neumann Catholic Church - Confirmation Sponsor Agreement Form

Why have a Sponsor?
It is through others that we learn about the Catholic faith. The loving support of others is represented by a sponsor who presents the candidate to the bishop.

History of Sponsorship
In the early church, sponsors were committed Christians who presented friends to the bishop as candidates for Christian initiation. During the period of preparation, the sponsors shared their faith with the candidate, and then vouched for the sincerity of the candidate at the initiation ceremony. Sponsors also promised to guide and support the candidates after they had become Christians.

Who should be a Sponsor?
The sponsor should be someone who has an active role in the teen’s life. Sponsors should be good role models of living the Catholic Christian faith. Although parents are the primary role models for the candidates, they cannot be sponsors of their children.

Minimum Qualifications for a Sponsor
The sponsor must be a confirmed, practicing Catholic, who regularly attends Mass and receives the sacraments. If married, their marriage must have been witnessed by a priest. The sponsor must be at least 16 years old and should be a witness to Gospel values and spiritual maturity. The sponsor should be someone who is trusted and with whom the candidate can speak openly and freely.

Commitment of the Sponsor
The sponsor must attend the rites during the Confirmation process, the Confirmation practice, and the Confirmation itself.

If you meet the minimum qualifications for a sponsor, and are ready to commit to this role, please click next and fill out the Sponsor Agreement Form.

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