Oxford Special Olympics - Fit 5 Signup, Summer 2017
Please fill out this form for each person who will be participating, either as an Athlete or Unified Partner. You must be a REGISTERED Member of Oxford Special Olympics - see Registration below. (We will need copies of your forms if you are transferring from another local program.)
What is Fit 5?
Fit 5 is an 8 week wellness program that will educate you on how fitness, nutrition and hydration impact your overall athletic performance.
Fit 5 participants will meet with Wellness Coaches each week for about an hour. (Fridays at 6:00pm, Oxford Center School)
Each session will provide practical information on fitness and nutrition to help Athletes make healthier lifestyle choices.
We will also have fun activities and get some exercise together.
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Commitment to the program means showing up to Fit 5 meetings, trying to follow the recommendations, and tracking progress each week.
If you are signing up an athlete to participate, please be prepared to help them track progress weekly (how many days did they exercise this week, how many servings of fruits/vegetables each day, how many bottles of water each day).
Partners are welcome to sign up and track their progress! We can all work to improve our wellness together.
If you are not ready to commit and track progress, you can still come for the activities and information.
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Registration Forms
ANYONE SIGNING UP SHOULD HAVE VALID FORMS ON FILE. (All Forms are valid for 3 Years) - If you have not filled out the forms or are unsure, please contact Mo (mailto:MomBlees@OxfordSO.org) or Larry (mailto:LarryD@OxfordSO.org) to find out.
If you have previously trained/competed with us, then we have your forms on file. If you are NEW to Oxford Special Olympics, you cannot start training with us until we have valid forms on file. (Links to forms are at the bottom of this form)
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Are your registration forms up to date? (Renewable every 3 years) *
Links to Important Information
Contact Wellness Coach - mailto:SeanM@OxfordSO.org
Contact Mo - mailto:MomBlees@OxfordSO.org
Contact Larry - mailto:LarryD@OxfordSO.org
* Oxford Special Olympics website - http://oxfordso.org ;
* OSO Calendar of Events http://oxfordso.org/index.php/oso-calendar/ ;
* Special Olympics Forms - http://oxfordso.org/index.php/special-olympics-forms/
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