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Product Summary and Terms of Use:

Real Estate TV provided by MiRealSource is designed to your specific needs as the broker. This set up form allows you to have initial customization for a channel to stream throughout TVs within your Firm. Once the initial set up is complete, a weekly update form will be required to be submitted (link).

More than one TV can have the same customized channel group streaming and presenting throughout one or more offices. However, if more than one channel group is selected (unique channel group), a unique form will be required each week for that specific channel group. For example: streaming different content for each office or different content on different screens in one or more offices. In this form, please select whether more than one channel group is needed (an additional $50.00/month for each unique channel group will be applied in invoice).

Set up will allow you to choose which automatic feeds (LIVE) and weekly updates will be made with unique firm requests such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Welcoming of New Recruits, and Testimonials.

The non-refundable fee of $350.00/screen for installation of rented device and first payment (quoted from form) for Real Estate TV will be required before MiRealSource installs devices and activates your brokerage's Real Estate TV. Once the provided set up form is submitted, a summary report including an invoice will be sent to you along with the date for a MiRealSource team member to arrive and install the devices.

If more than one change is requested, separate from your weekly updates, a $50.00 fee will be applied to your next bill for that additional request/change.

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