CRC Junior Counselor Application
This for students going into the 10th grade through high school graduates who would like to apply to be Junior Counselors at CRC. This year we will only be able to take approximately 20 junior counselors to Camp Rock Creek. To be a JC you must have completed your freshmen year of high school, complete a type-written response to the following questions. This application must be turned in before May 15th, 2018. Applications will be reviewed by the camp directors and JC’s will be selected and notified before or on May 15th, 2018. Late applications will NOT be accepted. Those who are selected to be JC’s must complete the criteria below prior to May 20nd, 2018 in order attend camp. If they do not complete the criteria before May 21st then they not be allowed to be a JC. This includes five community service hours.
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Christian Whoose
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What makes you want to serve a week working with children at CRC? *
What makes you want to spend a week working with children at CRC?
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What should a Junior Counselor strive to do at CRC? *
What will you do to make our staff great?
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What would you do if a camper does not want to participate in an activity? *
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What can we learn about being a godly Junior Counselor from reading Romans 12? *
Please pick out a passage and explain how are you going to live this passage out at CRC?
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Describe where you are right now in your relationship with God. Do your friends at school know you’re a Christian? *
Be honest!
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