Sign up for Kalmar Nation Novisch Week VT19 - The Battle Over Kalmar
Students from all over the globe are coming on these days to Lund to fight in the Battle Over Kalmar! We have summoned the Dark Forces, and they need you to fight for glory. The White Walkers, the Death Eaters, the Galactic Empire and the Nazgûl cry out for the darkest piece of your soul!

Prepare yourself for an amazing week, starting the 9th of February with the Novisch Pub, through a week full of adventures: An unforgettable night in the sauna at the top of the AF Castle, introduction to Spex performance, gaming nights and much more. We will end the week the 16th of February with the biggest Novisch Party and award giving. Who will be able to gather the most points? Meet new friends, get to know all our evil secrets and get started in this beautiful student city! Welcome to Kalmar Nation!

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