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Welcome to Trasho Biblio!

Completing the below form will add you to a waiting list for our membership.

How it works:-

1. You'll receive an email invite letting you know it's your time to sign up (mostly within 24hrs). You can opt out at this stage if you wish.
2. The cost of membership is £15 per annum. The membership begins as soon as payment is made.
3. You'll then receive an email with full instructions of how to use the Trasho Biblio website and you can start borrowing books.
4. Books will be posted every Friday with a deadline for requesting new loaned books of Thursdays at 5pm. Postage & packaging will be charged at a flat rate of £3 per package.We will also have monthly events where books can be collected or returned in person!

Trasho will be a not-for-profit library with all revenue raised going towards upkeep costs and the purchasing of books.We are happy to share these costs publicly at the request of any member.

There are some terms and conditions to the library. By joining Trasho Biblio, you will be required to agree to these conditions.

* Members will be charged for non-returned, lost or damaged items.
* All books are property of Trasho Biblio.
* Members can only borrow one book at a time.
* Books will be loaned for 30 days. After 25 days, you will receive an email reminding you of the deadline to return your book - when you receive this email, you can choose to extend the duration of your borrowing time for a further 30 days. 60 days is the maximum duration for a book loan.
* Membership lasts one year from point of purchase. The membership fee is a single payment and no refunds will be given.
* Details of members will not be shared with any external organisations.
* Trasho Biblio is only open to UK residents.

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