FPCCS Christmas Angel Tree
Our annual gift of pajamas to children in the community.

How it works:

Our tree may be virtual this year, but everything else is the same. Please follow the steps below to ensure a Merry Christmas for a special child.

1. Fill out your name and phone number, then select a child from the list below.

2. WRITE DOWN THE CODE, gender, and size information BEFORE you hit the submit button -- you will need this information! Once a selection has been submitted, it is REMOVED from the list of available children. (note: for privacy and confidentiality, we no longer list children's names. Please take note of the code number so that your gift makes it to the right child!)

3. Time to shop! Purchase a warm pair of pajamas in the appropriate size.

4. Box and wrap the pajamas (or use a decorative gift bag). Please DO NOT include gifts other than the pajamas.

5. Tag/label your gift with the code so we know who it's for.

6. Return your gift to the church by Monday, December 7.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Dobson at (570)563-1887 or call the church office (570)586-6306.

Thank you for your generosity!
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