Enter the Minecraft Halloween contest:
AMG admin Foo organised a contest in which you can win sweets ( Gingerbread, Speculatius, Schokomandeln, etc... *) and the credit that you are the best Minecraft designer within the AMG community :)

- You have a space of 20x20x20 in order to build your Halloween inspired scene.
- You may use redstone to start effects when somebody is on the path
- You may not interfere with scenes around you
- Contest starts today and ends Sunday, October 31st
- Winner is decided by popular vote. ( reply with :thumbsup: )

*The sweets can only be deliverd on an European adress. Don't let it stop you to enter the contest ;)

View all submission in our #contest-submissions channel and feel free to discuss the contest in the Minecraft thread. ( in the #other-games channel ). Ping "Mincraft contest" if you have further questions.

Server is: www.zuhause-local.de:25566
( World is swamp, no daylight ever )

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