Pepsi Returns
With this form, your organization might be able to return complete cases of Pepsi back to the vendor for credit. There are stipulations, so please read the conditions carefully.
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Please list below how many cases of each you intend to return.
You must STILL fill out the Pepsi Return Form on the Booster website ( Once completed with all the case expiration dates, please email it to Your return will not be processed until BOTH forms are filled out and submitted.
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CHS Athletic Booster Club Pepsi Returns Protocol
Complete this form and the form on the Booster website and email it to You cannot order directly with Pepsi; you must go through the Athletic Booster Club for billing purposes.

1. Returns must be submitted by Thursday’s at noon to be picked up the following Monday.

2. You must complete the form on the Booster website with expiration date columns for any product you are returning. Pepsi will not take your product without it. You must list every single case you would like to return.

3. Return request policy
- Only full, unopened cases that are within a 5 week expiration date can be returned for credit to Pepsi. To Calculate this date use a date calculator like on this website. Plug in the Monday date of the return and your closest expiration date to see if you are within that 5 week window.
- All the product in a case must be the same. For example, you cannot have some Diet Pepsi with Pepsi in one case.
- Boosters will not provide credit for partial or opened cases. (You may donate these to the concessions.)
- To initiate return you must fill out the above form with the amount of returns.
- To complete return, you must fill out the form on the website with the expiration dates listed.

The Athletic Booster Club will issue an invoice for all orders at the conclusion of the season. Payment will be due upon receipt of invoice. Remember the Athletic Booster Club has already paid Pepsi for these products, so your prompt payment is required.

Updated 4/6/18
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