Nomadic Press Incubator Program (Oakland)
The Nomadic Press Incubator Program aims to offer low-cost community space in Oakland for ongoing, bi/monthly reading series', events/classes/community meetings, or workshops that align with Nomadic Press' mission and vision. Please take some time to review our about page at or better yet, attend some of our events and read our publications if you have not yet done so to get a feel for who we are. POC/LGBTQIA+ folks highly encouraged to apply.

If you have an idea for an ongoing, bi/monthly reading series, workshop, class/community meeting, please fill out the form below. If selected, you and your group will be given 4 hours per month of use of the Nomadic Press front-room performance space at 2301 Telegraph Avenue in Uptown, Oakland for $125 per month. There needs to be one main organizer who will be responsible for ensuring that the community guidelines for the space are followed and the space is taken care of properly and returned to the state in which it was found. Please read our Safe Space Statement to ensure that your idea will adhere as the safety of our spaces and community is paramount.

We have 7 total slots and 2 have already been filled, so we will be selecting 5 ideas with a start time ideally in beginning of/mid November 2018.

We look forward to hearing from you!

ā€“ J. K. Fowler, Founder and Executive Director

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