All-Party Parliamentary Group for Textiles and Fashion: employment and visas for the UK garment manufacturing industry
The APPG for Textile and Fashion is bringing together leading manufacturers and policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities faced by the UK garment manufacturing industry, focusing on skills and labour.

The aim of the meeting is to advocate for a more inclusive Visa system, that recognises the specific needs of the industry in qualification requirements to address the shortage of qualified workers, and to ensure that growth is not limited by the lack of a skilled and qualified workforce.

The following data will be used anonymously, and will inform a position paper about the needs of the industry. If you do not have access to data for one or more of the questions, please answer with N/A.

The questionnaire closes on the 6th of October.
Location of business *
Total number of employees *
Is the business currently producing at capacity? *
Number of workers employed as machinists *
Average weekly pay of machinists *
Do you consider stitching to be a job that is: *
Number of UK citizens employed as machinists *
Number of EEA citizens employed as machinists *
Number of international workers (non-EEA) employed as machinists *
Number of current machinist vacancies *
Do you think that there are currently sufficient skills within the UK to recruit for vacant machinist positions locally? *
Do you think Brexit will impact the number of machinist vacancies in your businesses? *
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