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Ready for a casual yet fun SPEED DATING experience with other singles from our Sojoourn community?

To better protect everyone, we have decided to organise this event on ZOOM. Every couple will have a private Zoom meeting to enjoy their RDV, 7 minutes later, the guys move on to another Zoom call. Bring your favourite drink, relax and connect from the comfort of your home.

The Zoom invitation links will be shared once you we have confirmed your presence and you registered on our website.

Date: Wednesday, 21th of October 19:30-21:30
FREE for Sojoourn Club members - Become a member (https://sojoourn.mn.co)
5€ for non members
Age range: around 26-40

** ATTENTION: If you can't make it, please do inform us as soon as possible in advance as we are aiming to have an equal number of both genders as participants. (Sorry it will be a heterosexual dating event, depending on your requests we might organize an LGBTQ+ event as well)

** Ideas and tips for QUESTIONS: https://www.mantelligence.com/speed-dating-questions/
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