School Owned Equipment
Use this form to indicate what school owned equipment you currently have at your home and if you would like to keep it for the summer or return it to school before June. This includes mouthpieces, books, instruments, practice pads, etc...anything that the school owns and you are using.
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What is a phone number to reach you if there are follow up questions? *
What equipment do you have that belongs to the school? *
If you have an instrument, what is the brand?
If you have an instrument, what is the model?
If you have an instrument, what is the serial number?
If you have a mouthpiece, what do you have?
If you have anything else (practice pad, book, mute, etc...please list that here and be as specific as possible)
Are you requesting to keep this equipment for the summer (only an option to those students who have signed up for band next school year and are not graduating).
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