Rainwater Harvesting Questionnaire for consultation and cost estimate
This form will collect your information so we can get an idea of your requirement as well as your contact details
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Address for installation (need to view it on Google Maps)
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Phone number
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How did you reach to our website
Is it a new or existing development ?
What type of system do you require ?
What type of property is it ?
What type of surface would you use to harvest rainwater from ?
What is the estimated surface area (roof or property) you can harvest water from ?
If it is a building does the it have gutters and down-pipes ?
What type of rainwater storage tank do you require ?
How many people occupy or use the property
How many levels does the building have
Do you have water interruptions or expect water interruptions in future
How much water does the property use in a month (look at the municipal bill - it is listed in Kiloliters (kl)) 1 kl is a 1000 liters
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