Call for Entries: The Spirit of Chicago
This is your time to shine! Submit your work—insane comedies, touching dramas, high-energy music videos, odd animation, hot topic documentaries, neighborhood portraits, and any mind-expanding experimental visions. Dust off your pre-pandemic projects, or show us what you've been working on at home!

We will be putting together a series of on-demand virtual programs of films made by Chicagoans and former Chicagoans. Now we can share the spirit of Chicago filmmakers with the world via our Virtual Firehouse Cinema programming!

Please submit your film and high-res photo via a link below, or by sending the files or sharing them with via Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

While there is no limit on length, please reduce file size for easy transfer via wi-fi. Less than 5GB preferred. Preferred formats are .mp4 and .mov.

The next submission deadline is December 22.

For questions, please contact Jackie Robbins, Programs Manager:
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