New NCS Consultant (NCSC) Qualifying Criteria - Dr. Joe Dispenza
Thank you for your interest in becoming an NCS Consultant (NCSC). Here you will find some important information which provides an overview of what is required to be part of our business consulting team.

Please take time to read this document fully and then answer the questions in the next section. These questions will help you determine if the role of NCSC is aligned with you and your future self.

Our Mission
To inspire and transform businesses and organizations into thriving cohesive cultures that benefit all stakeholders and make a positive impact on the world.

Our Vision
NCS is a key contributor to the change in global corporate consciousness resulting in a more coherent, collaborative and creative business world.

Using the latest scientific research to transform individuals and organizations from the inside out in order to create meaningful and lasting change.

About NCS:
The NCSC role is not an employee role. We are looking for individuals with a ‘self starter’ mindset who are self-sufficient and already have the business skills to master this as a contractor.

It is a mandatory requirement that you have completed the Progressive (live or online) as well as an Advanced 5-day Workshop or the current Weeklong Advanced Retreats, so that you are very familiar with Dr Joe’s teachings. It is also necessary that you have read and studied Dr Joe’s books:

• Becoming Supernatural
• You Are the Placebo
• Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
• Evolve Your Brain

It is an important prerequisite that you are doing the work daily. Participating in Dr Joe’s work and meditations on a regular basis contributes to our global community so that we can maintain a spirit of emergence - just like a school of fish or a flock of birds that move together in one direction – as one mind.

We ask all of our NCSC’s to add a minimum of one photo to their personal mind movie with a creation statement for the success of their NCS work and to contribute to the collective global success.

It is necessary that you have a background in corporate training and that you already have the required skills to deliver training to large groups of people in the corporate environment. Ideally, we would like to review any past feedback with various clients that demonstrates your skills and abilities.

We require that you also have an existing client base or list of contacts that you can data mine to create opportunities to deliver the various trainings. We do not provide client leads however any inquiries which come through Dr Joe’s website are shared equally or in the geographical location required by the client.

There are currently two programs offered as part of the NeuroChangeSolutions training.

1) Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself (BHBY) is an 8 hour program which can be delivered over 1 to 2 days depending on the clients needs. The NCSC uses the workbook to guide the participants through the training and various exercises which enhance individual and group learning and development. This program comes with a workbook and 30 days to Genius Journal which fires and wires the new learning in the 30 days after the program. The look and feel of this training is aligned with Dr Joe’s book Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself book.

2) Change Your Mind …. Create New Results is an 8 hour program which can be delivered over 1 or 2 days with similar learning to BHBY and has more of a corporate look and feel. Many of the exercises for learning and development are the same or similar with one or two differences. Many of our NCSC’s prefer this workbook for the corporate environment. This program has its own workbook and accompanying 30 days to Genius Journal.

For both programs the workbook costs $75 USD each and $10 USD for the Genius Journal.

All workbooks and journals are available online and you are required to arrange to print the workbooks as you need them. This means that you will need to source a local printer which is approved by us ahead of time to check that the quality of their printing matches our business requirements. You are responsible for the ordering online, paying, organising printing and delivery of workbooks for your clients. As you are responsible for the costs of printing it is recommended that you obtain various quotes as the costs of printing can vary globally.

*All workbooks are currently available in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Portuguese and French. Further translations are possible as we expand globally.

Dr Joe is in the process of creating a new workbook which will be available to all NCSC’s in 2020 and there will be a separate training completed in due course which likely to be an online training by Dr Joe. More details will be available soon.

It is important to be aware that the content of these programs cannot be changed, blended or added to any other program and must not be amended in any way. All programs must be delivered in accordance with the 5 days training provided.

Next Available Train the Trainer Event

Dates: To Be Announced
Location: To Be Announced
Cost: $4500 USD

*An annual Licence Fee of $500 USD is payable for each Consultant and the delivery of the training to 50 participants annually is a requirement for all NCSC’s.

Following the training you will be required to send videos of you delivering the training to a small group of people for our assessment. We will then provide any feedback which is necessary for you to become a fully certified NCSC. Once you are certified you can then deliver this training to your clients.

Requirements of the role of NCSC:

Our culture works well when you participate. We ask that everyone :
• Responds to all emails within a 24 hour timeframe.
• Respond to all requests in a timely manner.
• Maintains their NCS knowledge levels.
• Attend a monthly calls held on zoom and if you are unavailable, listen to the recorded call.
• Contribute and engage in the team discussions and plans.
• Be willing to be part of a global team.
• Willing to work with existing programs and be patient as we develop new content.
• Be prepared to support others where possible.
• Be available on WhatsApp or direct message for any urgent communications.
• Follow all current processes and guidelines and ensure you keep up to date with any changes.
• Keep up to date with all changes as Dr Joe evolves his work.
• Understand who we can market to and how we market this work.
• Remain committed to finding your own new clients.
• Provide projections of work you will be delivering and delivery dates.
• Complete monthly feedback forms training updates and keep a copy for your records.
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