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Safe and Responsible Use of Social Media - Parent Survey
The survey is intended to understand children's internet use with the purpose to contribute to better child protection policies in the online/offline areas. The survey is also intended to understand your child's internet use with the purpose to empower him/her to make good choices when using various forms of social media. All information is confidential and will be anonymous if you choose. Thank you for your time and effort.
How often do you go online?
How much time do you spend online each day?
How do you access the internet? Please choose all that apply.
Where do you most often use the internet?
Please specify "other"
Do you have rules about your child's internet use?
How do you and your child talk about the internet?
Would you like to talk about the internet more with your child?
Do you use a shared password with your child?
Do you pair your phone with your child's phone?
How often do you check your child’s digital footprint (social media sites, online history, and who your child is communicating with)?
How often do you check your child’s privacy settings?
Which of the following statements do you agree with about the internet (Choose all that apply)?
Evaluate the following statements
Once in a while
I don't know
My child makes friends on the internet.
When my child is online, he/she can give out personal information.
Speaking to someone online is the same as having a conversation face to face.
If I delete something I posted or uploaded, it is gone forever.
Does your child feel safe online? Please choose the statement that best applies to your child.
What do you think is the biggest threat to your child when he/she goes online? Please choose all that apply.
If your child feels threatened - who would he/she turn to for help? Please choose all that apply.
If your child had a friend who was at risk, what action would he/she take? Please choose all that apply.
Has your child experienced any of the following online? Please choose all the apply.
How many times has your child...?
2 -5
5 - 10
More than 10 times
Added a stranger to instant messenger
Added a stranger to a social networking friends list
Spoken on the phone to someone he/she met online
Met in person with someone he/she has met only online
Talked (chat or phone) about sex with someone he/she met online
Has your child ever shared the following information with a stranger online?
If he/she met them face to face
If he/she met them online
Email Address
Home Address
Home phone number
Mobile phone number
Where he/she goes to school
Where he/she goes after school
Prefer not to say
None of these
What do you think about the following protection measures?
They are good and play a big part in making me feel safer online
They are okay but more protection would make me feel safer
I don't think most of them are that effective in protecting young people
I don't know - I'm not aware of any protection measures
Report abuse buttons
Social networking sites privacy settings
Has your child been negatively impacted from social media? If so, how?
Are there any additional specific issues you would like to share?
Would you like someone to contact you? If so, please provide your email address:
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