Comp 150 Intro Survey
The survey will help me get to know where you are coming from and what you need in the course. Thanks.
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What led you to take this course?
Other motivation for taking the course:
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Did you have previous experience with computer programming languages?
If you have programmed a computer, indicate languages and how learned. Also indicate other programming courses you had before, either at Loyola or elsewhere.
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What would you like to learn in this course?
Anything specific?
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Understanding of your main computer's general user interface
To what kinds of machines do you have easy access and some knowledge?
Multiple checks are fine.
What information have you heard about this course before enrolling?
What were you expecting?
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Which online video connection programs are you familiar with using?
Click all that apply.
This course is offered in a "flipped" form, which leads to two special situations for you to consider:
Are you good at working at scheduling your own time?
The enforced goals are not generally immediate in this class. Is there any particular help you could use beyond my posted schedule for every class indicating what a steady pace would be?
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Are you proactive in asking questions when you need help or clarification?
Most of the answers you hear to verbal questions will not be broadcast from around the class, but be individual responses to you. Is there anything you need from me to encourage you to ask questions?
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