DITE international seminar registration
January 24th, 18.00 - 19.00 CET 

The DITE International Seminar is organized to provide insights and updates on the DITE (Diverse Internationalisation of Teacher Education) project, which focuses on enhancing the internationalization of teacher education.

The seminar aims to sensitize teacher education students to international perspectives, equipping them to educate future generations as global citizens.

The DITE International Seminar aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among educators and stakeholders interested in advancing teacher education's internationalization, contributing to the project's mission of transforming prospective teachers into global-minded educators.

The following points will covered at the Seminar:

- Overview of training objectives and internationalization in teacher education

- DITE Manual and training materials

- Impact assesment and training results measurements

- How to internationalise teacher? DITE trainer experience and good practises

The seminar will be conducted by:

- Małgorzata Kopalska, project coordinator

- dr Anna Basińska, AMU

- Joanna Domagała, AMU

- dr Uwe Brandenburg, GII

The training will be delivered online and the language of instruction is going to English. The Seminar will not be recorded.

The participation is free of charge.

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