2019 SAYEC Regatta - Battleship
Please use this form to declare your intent to participate in the 2019 Student Affairs Year End Celebration Regatta featuring Battleship. We have added some new rules to the event for 2019. Please make sure your team members are aware of them.

Overview of Battleship:
Teams will attempt to sink opposing canoes by filling the canoes with water using buckets AND hoses from the pool deck. Teams may only use their provided paddles to move around the playing area.

*NEW* One team member will be using a hose to spray water into opposing canoes. A partner will be answering name that tune questions to “earn” them spray time in increments of 30 seconds.

*NEW* Teams may bail water from their boat, but only using a small cup provided to them. If a team is caught bailing water using a larger vessel, they will be given a warning from one of the judges. A second violation will result in disqualification. All judges decisions are final.

No standing in the canoe at any point during the competition.
Once a team has been eliminated, they may not throw water into other canoes or attempt to hinder other canoes in any way.
No intentional ramming of opposing canoes.
Players may not intentionally grab, hold, or push opposing canoes.
Intentionally spraying water in the face of opponents is cause for immediate forfeit. Accidental sprays to the face of opponents may be penalized by loss of hose privileges.
Alliances between teams is strictly prohibited. Each team must compete for their sole benefit.
Violation of the rules will result in disqualification or assessment of penalty to be determined by the competition judges.

A team is eliminated from competition when their battleship has sunk…“Sunk” = your canoe falling below the tape
line placed on the side of your canoe OR the canoe has capsized and team members are forced out of the canoe.
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